North Cold

Ice Cold

Freezing, numb without being to touch, craving heat and seeking warmth from the wind, the cold reigns as a tyrant of snow. Buried in snow, the leafless tress crack and shatter like glass in the sun. In the full light of day, a white plain becomes slick and blinding, hiding dangers. Movement in slow and restricted in the harsh, frozen land the loses the sun in winter. A midday moon and diamond stars fill the darkness, green waves of aurora dance in the sky. A icy wilderness in a nearly empty land. The north star shines in the cold.

Cloud Sky

Rising moon

Soft shadows dance across the land of green and gold. Sunlit clouds float low in the sky, riding on the currents of wind. Will they stay and fill the earth with rain or will they disappear in the warmth of the sun? Deep and dark as the ocean at night, wisps touch the moon, creating a pearlescent glow. Hiding stars and cloaking the moon, it wraps the land in a blanket of grey at dawn. Pale blue overlapped with white, the sky is a ever changing masterpiece.


Silver crescent grows slow into a full orb, a eye in the night casting it’s stare into the darkness. Diamonds appear across the black velvet, softly glowing as they rotate overhead. Noon of the night, encased in shadows on the birth of a new moon. Midnight is bright as day with the full moon reaching its zenith, the earth is kissed by moonlight, a silver land reflects the moonbeams.
The rare color touches the surface of the moon, fading to white as it rises, framed by black branches. The day slips away in sleep, the night stirs sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent it comes unstoppable as time. Surely as the sun will rise again so will the darkness return.



Soft, sleepy and pale, the dawn is a drowsy creature. Puffy, cotton ball clouds drift riding on the wind.  Morning dew sparkles on the grass. Cool breezes sway the lazy trees. The birds usher in the sun with song. A slow waking stirs the dozing world. Animals crawl out of their dens and stretch.  The sun peeks over the horizon, like the eye of some massive dragon. As the sky colors, darkness eases away to the edge of the land.


Pine Mountian Road

Like a king surveying his domain, the snow capped giant looks over the valley. Cool even in the burning heat of summer, it stands detached and aloof. Trees litter it’s sides, the pines reach up to the sky. The giant dwells above the clouds that float around it, heat and haze gather at the foot of it yet it remains cold. Melting snow and ice make a path down creating the river, cold and clear, trout leap out of the shadows to catch flies. The blue mountain blesses the life that depends on it and curses the life that greed brings.



Light washes over the earth unveiling color. Warmth melts away the chill of the night. No matter how painful the night, day comes again. Yesterday becomes today, today becomes tomorrow, the flow of time is as stoppable as the sunrise. The smell of heat, the touch of light on skin, the taste of sun, you can hear the dawn coming, you can feel the moon sinking. A glow grows over the horizon. Sun wakes the earth from slumber.