First Love

I thought I was incapable of love. Till one day I woke up to find I was already deeply entangled in my first love. I had never cared for another nor longed for their presence. I realized my heart beat in sync to his. There was no warning, no magic cure, no instruction manual. The choice was not one of mind but one of heart. I thought we hated each other, with all the agurements and fights. I seemed to loathe you, you made me so angry. Never before had I lost control. Never before had frustion overwhelmed me and it came exploding out with screams. You bought out the worst in me and the best,finally you bought out all of me. You saw though the shiny surface, though the amour of stone,though the mask of nomal, even though the cruel veneer, till you melted the ice that encased my heart. You knew that I was pretending to be cold yet I was passionate above all others. I could not be fake around you. You saw though every lie. For the first time I had feelings for another. Emotions were attempting to consume me. You saved me from myself. You were irresistible, with your charisma, your magnetizing personality, drawn close by mutual attraction, the chemistry exploded. I could not ignore you. Thoughts of you surrounded me as if you had invaded my head. Your voice gave me chills. Your touch made fire dance across my skin. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you, that I had no control over.


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