“Flame curls around itself in shapeless beauty. Glowing like small suns, embers gather beneath the fragile ashes. Smoke drifts up to caress the sky with its soft fingers. The smell of woodsmoke fills the senses with ancient memories. Ever hungry, it mercilessly devours woods. Burning far beyond sight, searing heat consumes the first thing it touches. Full of pain for the unwary, it turns the earth into a deathly black, the leaf into a strange shade of sun, lost creatures trail in its wake. A dangerous substance, it fills many with fear. Yet from its ashes the land is reborn like a phoenix. Greener than emeralds, newborn life appears in the desolate landscape. The purifying light clears the space of shadows. It’s power chases away the night, clearing the darkness. Light shines brightest in the dark. Changing, moving with the speed of light, searing flame makes miracles possible. Wild, uncontrolled sparks become the whispers leading to nightmares. Contained embers inspire comfort. A living, breathing thing, full of beauty, the most volatile of elements, that is fire.”


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