Rain and Lighting of a Thunderstorm.


Sun to stars, peeking out though the mist. Droplets ringing the sun in a halo. Sweet, fresh smells floating over the green grass. Lighting veined clouds gathering in the sky. Soft fog gathers near the ground. Electricity tingled on skin, colors turn vivid, the intensity of the coming change washes over the land.

Extreme heat over chilling cold explodes in sound, the wing flaps of a Thunderbird. The wind becomes wild, fierce and cutting. A spring storm builds castles of cloud. The rain quenches the thirst of the earth. Spicy, salty, earthy smells drift up as sky water falls though the air to touch the earth. Rolling thunder and the beat of water mutes the sounds of life.

Silver streets filled with the glow of diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Golden topaz slows the streams of speed. The land beneath overflows with rushing rivers. Wind sweeps dripping sheets across the ground. Droplets bounce off the dirt like a child on a trampoline.
Bursting with life, plants turn pure green and grow taller, reaching for the sky. Curling shapes of cloud blend together in a single blanket embroidered by flashes of lighting. Wolves sleep deeply in quiet, cozy dens buried beneath the dark forest canopy. The storm drums richness into earth.

Raindrops sting as they fly though the air. A mellow scent of rain fills the air, lighting flashes in the distant clouds, you can feel the buzz of electricity on your fingertips. The first tiny drops of rain are cold, piercing and almost painful to soft skin. The sharp winds tangle hair into a wild mess. Rolling and booming thunder, sudden bursts of sound, white lights streak though the sky, soft clouds hide the cosmos. With this the rain begins.


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